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    Japanese Internment Documentary Crowd Funding Campaign

    Remembering the History: The Internment of Japanese Canadians

    We are currently running a Crowd Funding campaign for our VR Documentary on the Internment of Japanese Canadians during WW II. 

    Details from this Indiegogo campaign can be found here: 


    Thank you for your support. 

    About Us

    About VR360 Media


    VR360 Media Inc. is a leading-edge media company specializing in 360 Degree Immersive and Virtual Reality Video Production. We are based in Kelowna BC, but service the world. 

    The Creative Team at VR360 Media is founded on years of industry experience including film, television and documentary production as well as multi-media marketing and communications. VR360 Media offers full 360 Degree Immersive Video Production services. From the development of creative concepts, scripting and direction to post-production and multi-platform delivery.

    We work directly with our clients to develop the right 360 degree approach for their marketing needs. We handle all aspects of the production, keeping the client informed and involved through each step of the production process.

    Our team has decades of award winning industry experience - including two Emmy nominations for VR content. Our backgrounds include work  in feature films, television and documentary production, commercial and broadcast promotions plus digital platforms, multi-media marketing, advertising and communications.

    What is 360 Video

     Why 360 Degree Video? Also known as Immersive or Spherical Video, it’s the next step in the evolution of video production, giving your viewers, clients and visitors a truly interactive experience.

    Supported on existing social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Google, 360 Degree Video is quickly becoming the go-to medium for marketing, promotion and viewer engagement. Videos can be viewed from a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Videos can also be watched on VR headsets including Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR. While watching viewers have control of playback allowing them to move in any direction, viewing the scene in 360 degrees.

    The potential applications for 360 Degree Video are virtually unlimited. Think of it as Google Street View™ for your business or event.

    • Live events including concerts, shows, festival, air shows - it's unlimited.
    • Sporting events are an excellent fit including behind the scenes access.
    • Business tours of factories, project sites, warehouses and product demos.
    • Real Estate Agents & Developers showcasing properties and homes.
    • Educational Tours of campuses, fields of work, grad ceremonies.
    • It really is unlimited, whatever you can imagine, VR360 Media can capture it.

    Our Services

     From creative concepts, scripting and directing to full post-production, VR360 Media works directly with clients to make the production process simple and effortless. 



    Engage social media followers with short, interactive 360 degree videos. Show your business and go behind the scenes.



    Live stream your event in full 360 immersive video. Concerts, sporting events or conferences becomes more interactive.



    Take visitors on a 360 degree tour of your business, attraction or demonstrate products and services.



    Create long-form narrative content such as short documentaries and promotional videos using spherical video.

    The Team

    Image of Graham Cairns VR360 Partner

    Graham Cairns

    Partner / Producer / Director


    image of James Dow, Producer

    James Dow

    Partner / Writer / Producer


    Image of Randy Barthel, Business Relations

    Randy Barthel

    Partner / Business Relations


    Image of Don Ferguson, Production Supervisor

    Don Ferguson

    Partner / Production Supervisor


    Image of Sherona Sinclair, Producer

    Sherona Sinclair

    Producer / Business Development 

    Regina, Saskatchewan


    Image of Conor Gorman, Business Development, UK

    Conor Gorman

    Business Development Director

    London, UK


    Business Development

    Randy Barthel

    Client Relations, Western Canada


    Sherona Sinclair

    Producer / Business Development 

    Regina, Saskatchewan


    Conor Gorman

    Business Development Director

    London, UK


    Contact Us

    Contact VR360 Media

    We are based in Kelowna BC but service the world. We have business development contacts in Kelowna (serving Western Canada), Regina SK, and London UK. 


    Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada


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